The COVID-19 pandemic is a challenging time for all us all right now, especially in HR. At Veritas Prime we believe it is a time where we all need to work together and leverage our collective knowledge to support each other. Therefore we are here to support the SuccessFactors community through a number of FREE initiatives: 

Health and Wellbeing Portlet 

In response to COVID-19, we are providing all customers a FREE extension to enable you to track and manage employee health globally. This has been designed and built in partnership with our customers. 

Our Free SAP SuccessFactors extension enables you to achieve the following:

Self Service application to allow employees to respond to queries on their current health, home status and the ability to work in their role

HR and Managers can make relevant updates on behalf of employees

All data is date effective and completely reportable globally using Canvas reports to support a complete view of data

Data can be imported to catch the system up to where you are today

All data is auditable showing who, what and when data was changed

Trigger notifications or workflows when given answers are provided where HR may need to take action or approvals are needed

The ability to record any relevant data pertaining to any short-term changes to working patterns


How to Get Started

Step 1

Watch the configuration Video Guide for step by step instructions of how to create a custom portlet and alerts

Step 2

Configure the system along with any relevant permissions in a test system (pause the video as required). Leverage your support partner where required or if you don’t have one then please reach out

Step 3

Tailor as required / remove fields / add fields before sharing with stakeholders

Step 4

Seek any legal counsel and / or data privacy officer(s) in each country in which you operate prior to deployment to those countries, to ensure you are remaining compliant with Data compliance

Step 5

Deliver into Production, perform any imports where required and start using the functionality

Step 6

Create any relevant reports required to track completion / trends / findings

Let us know how it goes and if you have any problems please get in touch!

Free Consultation




We appreciate that this is an incredibly unique situation in which one approach will not meet the needs of every customer. We want to help the SuccessFactors community in any way we can during this period and therefore, we are offering all customers a FREE consultation with one of our experts in which they will advise how to leverage the system to support the changing operational processes surrounding COVID-19. 

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